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Welcome to Swim Chiropractic Care Center. Oskaloosa Chiropractor Stacy Swim has proudly served the area for over 20 years. Our number one goal is to get patients back to doing the things they love as fast as possible. At Swim Chiropractic Care Center we understand that your time is very valuable and we do our best to schedule same day appointments.

Doctor Swim returned to his home town to open his practice in 1997. His goal has always been to provide quality chiropractic health care to the people of the Oskaloosa and the surrounding areas. He has worked to develop a family atmosphere in his clinic providing care for infants to the elderly. Dr. Swim has enjoyed giving something back to the town where he grew up.

Welcome to Swim Chiropractic Care Center

Swim Chiropractic Care Center is located at 1207 A Ave East. For patients new to the area our office is on the east side of town across the street from the Budget Inn. Swim Chiropractic shares an entrance with Gatton Realty.

As a chiropractor in Oskaloosa Stacy Swim strives to provide affordable quality health care. With over 20 years experience Dr. Swim takes time to explain the condition and includes the patient in developing the best treatment plan to help the patient get better as fast as possible. Doctor Swim has a strong interest in sports injuries and has taken many continuing education classes focusing on treating sports injury as well as extremity adjusting. We have found this philosophy of incorporating adjusting, exercise and stretching helps not only athletes but patients of all ages return to the activities they enjoy the most. From infants to senior citizens patients are active members in achieving their health care goals.

It has been great to return to my home town to serve the community of Oskaloosa and the surrounding areas. If we can help you in any way or just have questions about chiropractic we will be happy to help you. If you choose Swim Chiropractic Care Center for your health care needs just give us a call at (641) 672-1399 and make your appointment today.

Swim Chiropractic Care Center
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Oskaloosa, IA 52577
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Chiropractic Philosophy

Oskaloosa Chiropractor Stacy Swim's, chiropractic philosophy has been successful in treating the entire family. Dr. Swim has worked with infants for conditions such as ear infections, colic and other digestive issues. He uses gentle adjusting techniques to help many children improve from a multitude of illnesses.

Working with athletes is always a pleasure. From little league sports to high school and college students, Oskaloosa Chiropractor Stacy Swim has helped many area athletes return to the sports they love and miss as little time as possible.

Common Symptoms Helped

Over the years Oskaloosa Chiropractor Stacy Swim has treated a multitude of injuries from headaches, neck pain, back pain and sciatica or disc issues. He also has worked with many patients to avoid carpal tunnel surgery and many other ankle, knee and shoulder issues. Many runners have benefited from his treatment of planter fasciitis through adjusting and the application of kinesiology tape. Some of the patients that benefit the most from chiropractic are those who work repetitive jobs or are seated at a desk for extended periods. From hair stylists to over the road truck driver's to factory workers, chiropractic can help you. Whether you have been injured on the field, at work or involved in an auto accident we are here to help you get better. Oskaloosa Chiropractor Stacy Swim will work with you to develop a treatment plan and use adjusting techniques that work best for you and your injury.